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Mohair Care


I’ve been asked by a bunch of y’all how you should care for your reroots once they get home to you. I made a video today showing the method I use for washing/conditioning and combing out your doll’s mohair. It’s really a simple process! I recommend using baby shampoo only when the hair has become very dirty or loses its natural shine and luster. Otherwise, you can get away with a simple conditioning treatment as shown in my video.


Well, it’s basically the same process to wash and condition, however, you don’t want to comb the hair AT ALL while its wet. Alpaca will naturally clump together when its wet and combing or brushing it in its wet state will only result in MORE TANGLES and/or HAIR LOSS. Bad! So if you do wash your alpaca, let it dry COMPLETELY before you touch it again. Once it has fully dried, you can carefully comb through with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles and then use a brush or smaller comb to style.


I’ve also been asked how to attach a Coolcat scalp (or scalp with no flanges). I always use E6000 to attach scalps because 1. it’s non-water soluble so it won’t dissolve off while you’re trying to wash your doll’s hair and 2. it’s strong and dries fast but can be removed by peeling it off if/when you need to get back into her head. Shershe uses the same and has been doing so for years with no ill effects; if it’s good enough for Shershe, it’s good enough for me.

1. Pull the hair back into pigtails so it won’t get tangled up and in the way. Trust me, it’s easier this way.

2. Run a thin line of glue all the way around the flat rim of the scalp. Line the scalp up carefully with the top edges of the faceplate, taking care especially in the front to make sure there are no gaps.

Glue the flange

3. Once you’ve got the scalp in the right position, use a large rubberband across the top center of the scalp and pull it down between her legs to secure the scalp tightly. I use 4 rubberbands in a criss-cross pattern to get that sucker on tight!

How to rubberband

4. Check the rim of the scalp and make sure it’s where you want it and lined up properly. Adjust as needed. Leave the rubberbands on for at least 24 hours to make sure the glue has time to cure properly.

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