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Pink ombre for Torisaur

Tori's ombre from the back by Blythe Laboratory
Tori’s ombre from the back, a photo by Blythe Laboratory on Flickr.

I’m not too sure how others do it, but when I dye hair for a reroot I dye it before I root it. Makes total sense for a single color, all-over dye, right? I do it for ombres too.

It’s easier to control where the color goes, you can measure how far down the hair you want the color and you don’t have to worry about getting dye on the scalp or anywhere else you don’t want it.

Dye tends to crawl up the hair and can sometimes end up higher than you plan for, which is mainly why I do ombre colors this way. I think it also looks more “natural” if you bundle and dip–the hair doesn’t have a strong straight line of demarcation between the colors and it ends up with a gradual deepening of color.

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