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Chinalilly’s Crimson Mohair

Chinalilly Crimson by Mnemone
Chinalilly Crimson, a photo by Mnemone on Flickr.

White mohair dyed in a deep crimson shade. This is a knot method reroot on a factory scalp.

I spent a full week testing for colorfastness after the dyeing process. Before even starting the plugs, I wanted to be sure that it wouldn’t stain anything. After a week of vinegar water soaking, I washed the hair several times again before beginning the plugs.

Working with a factory scalp with no holes was actually very similar to using a Coolcat. It’s not quite as thick as Coolcat, which makes punching the holes much easier. As a bonus, it fits perfectly back into the dome, so there shouldn’t be any scalp gap to worry about.

Helpful tip: if your mohair is looking super fluffy and you’d like it smoother, just wet it under warm water and then lightly spray with leave-in detangler. It will smooth the hair and define the individual curls better!

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